'Colour Play' Solid Semi-Black Australian Opal

$3,500 AUD


A vibrant blue and green oval-shaped natural solid semi-black opal with orange highlights, ideal for a necklace pendant or ring setting or to add to your personal opal collection. This opal features the rare and highly sought after Flagstone Harlequin pattern. 'Colour Play' was ethically mined and sourced direct from opal miners in Lightning Ridge, Australia.

Opal weight: 4.5 carats
Opal size: 11.95mm x 16.05mm
Opal shape: Oval
Opal type: Solid semi-black opal
Opal origin: Lightning Ridge
Opal colour: Blue and green with orange highlights
Opal pattern: Flagstone Harlequin
SKU: OS074 

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Found only in Australia, mainly at Lightning Ridge in outback New South Wales, black opal is the world's rarest and most valuable type of opal. Ablaze with a rich and vibrant rainbow of colour set against a dark or black body tone, black opal is highly prized for its intense spectrum and features in the world's finest jewellery collections. If an opal's body tone is dark but not truly black, it is known as dark opal. Read more about Australian opals.

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