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A Beautiful Opal Gold Ring: The Perfect Gift

Looking for a special gift to show your loved one they're 'the one' ? Or searching for something special something to treat yourself? Look no further than our exquisite opal gold ring collection. A beautiful opal gold ring is a unique and timeless token of your affection for someone special. They're also perfect for any special occasion, with the receiver sure to feel treasured with a stunning piece of natural Australian luxury!

When picking out your opal gold ring, select a ring band in yellow or white gold that's durable and well-crafted. Shoppers should think about the band design too and look for intricate details such as beading or carving, which can add interest to the piece. The type of opal and setting you select will also have a significant impact on your chosen ring’s look and feel — so take the time to browse our gold opal ring selection until you find something that is just right for you.

Selecting the right gold tone can make a huge difference in the overall look of your opal gold ring. The three most common colours for gold settings are yellow, white and rose — each with its own unique appeal. Choose the shade that best complements the stone and setting — yellow gold is great for softer opaque stones, white gold works well with more contemporary styles, while rose gold adds a romantic hue to any engagement or wedding ring.

Crafting an opal gold ring requires the expertise of artisan jewelers. The process begins with selecting a high-quality base metal such as 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold. After finding the right type and size of opal, it is then cut and polished to bring out its beautiful colours and patterns. The setting is then made to fit the stone perfectly, ensuring both elegance and durability in the final product.

This beautiful stone is packed with fascinating properties. It's believed that opals possess balancing abilities and can bring lightheartedness, creativity, and happiness to their wearer. Additionally, it's known as a protector of love, making it the perfect gift for expressing your feelings. Opals are also believed to be particularly helpful during times of high stress or transition. So an opal gold ring is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

The Best Place to Buy Opal Rings in Gold

Looking for the perfect opal ring in gold? Black Star Opal has the best collection of rings for you to choose from, all crafted with utmost care and precision. Featuring precious opal stones set in stunning yellow or white gold, our collection of opal rings is perfect for anyone looking for an exquisite one-of-a-kind piece. With a variety of designs and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Our collection of opal rings in gold features unique and stunning pieces crafted to perfection. Each ring is made with expert craftsmanship and detail, so you can be sure that your newly acquired ring will last for generations to come. Whether you’re looking for a special opal engagement ring or a beautiful gift for someone special, nothing compares to the beauty of our gold opal rings.

Superior Quality Gold Rings at the best Prices

At Black Star Opal, you'll find the perfect opal ring crafted in the most precious of materials - solid gold. Our range of gold opal rings come in a variety of designs and finishes, so you'll be sure to find the right ring for you. Combining superior quality with affordable prices ensures that you receive the best value for money, so shop our collection today to enjoy unbeatable prices and quality. 

From simple yet elegant single-stone opal rings to more dramatic multi-stone styles, we have it all. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something subtle, there is sure to be something in online range that catches your eye. So don't wait any longer - explore our impressive range of opal rings today! And remember, it's important to care for your gold and opal ring properly in order to ensure it lasts for generations.

To keep the golden hue of your ring, be sure to use a soft cloth to polish it regularly. Additionally, take the time to check the settings of any gems on your ring, as they could become loose or damaged over time. Lastly, if you’re wearing an opal ring, remember that opals need to be kept away from extreme temperatures and need proper care and maintenance in order for them to maintain their shine.


Looking for a luxurious jewelry piece to add to your collection? Explore our range of timeless white gold opal rings. Make a statement with your jewellery collection by adding a beautiful white gold opal ring. Whether you're looking for a special gift or something to wear for any occasion, our collection of white gold opal rings is sure to impress. 

White gold opal rings are truly special. The combination of the classic precious metal, white gold, with the unique opalescent stones gives these rings a timeless yet elegant look. Whether you choose a classic solitaire or an intricate design, you'll be sure to dazzle when wearing your white gold opal ring. There is no shortage of designs when it comes to white gold opal rings.

From solitaires set with a single cabochon, to intricate rings featuring multiple opals in various sizes - the choice is yours! If you want some extra sparkle and shine, add diamond accents to the design for a luxurious look. Rings with graduated stones from smaller to larger are very popular, as well as more abstract designs that feature freeform opal stones. Whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find a stunning white gold opal ring that suits your taste. 

When it comes to choosing the right white gold opal ring, consider your lifestyle and how often you’ll be wearing the piece. If you’re looking for a timeless everyday ring that you can wear for years to come, choose a more subtle design in a simple setting. If you want something special for a night out, opt for eye-catching opal stones and bolder designs. Consider the colour of your wardrobe when selecting an opal too- cool tones will go best with lighter hues, whereas warmer colours will look great on deeper gemstones.

Choose Your Metal: White Gold or Yellow Gold

When shopping for an opal white gold ring, your first priority should be the type of metal. Yellow gold is a popular choice for rings, but white gold and also silver offer unique advantages. Yellow gold provides a classic and timeless look, while white gold has a bright shine that can be artfully contrasted with colourful gemstones, like opal, with an ultra-luxe feel. Both yellow and white gold make wonderful settings for shimmering opals - the real challenge will be deciding which one looks best!

The metal setting is important to consider when buying an opal white gold ring but ultimately, your decision comes down to personal preference: what colour do you prefer for your opal setting? And what colour is the Australian opal in the ring? White gold can highlights the natural luster of white opals, while yellow gold complements any pink and orange hues in the stone. Whatever metal setting you choose in the end, all will make an exquisite, stylish ring no matter which one you pick! 


Black Star Opal is a specialty online boutique that offers some of the finest opal gold rings available online today. If you're searching for a specific type of ring, we have a wide variety of colours, stones and designs to choose. We can also offer custom pieces if you would like something unique or special made just for you. Our expert opal team is always happy to help customers find exactly what they need in terms of jewellery or opal gemstones, no matter how big or small the order.

Quality ethically sourced, natural Australian opal gemstones and opal jewellery at reasonable prices is what we pride ourselves on at Black Star Opal. We have been a member of the Australian opal industry since 1969, originally as opal miners and global exporters of Lightning Ridge opal. As an established and reputable wholesale and retail opal gemstone business, we are directly connected to an extensive network of Australian opal miners in Lighting Ridge, Coober Pedy and the opal fields of Queensland. We are also connected to a vast network of leading opal jewellery designers and manufacturers. This ensures our opal gemstones are sourced directly from the miner, and our jewellery prices remain competitive and affordable.

We stand by our opal engagement ring products with a 30-day money back guarantee. If your purchase is not quite what you were after, or you’d like to exchange for another item, we’re more than happy to help. We love seeing our customers happy and satisfied, and are pleased to assist with any questions you have about Australian opals or our opal, gemstone and crystal jewellery, or your online purchase.


We take care of the cost of worldwide shipping for all orders over AUD $200 and provide free insurance for all orders over AUD $1000 to protect against theft, loss or damage during delivery. We deliver our silver opal rings to anywhere in the world, not just Australia! Whether it’s Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or Tasmania in Australia, or New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Europe or any other country around the world. We offer a convenient delivery service to wherever you need to send sterling silver opal rings.

Once your order is sent you will receive an email with your tracking number so you can follow your order’s progress to your door. Delivery to most countries is usually less than five working days, while delivery within Australia is between two to four working days. Please note: Due to current global Covid-related shipping issues, Black Star Opal cannot guarantee the above delivery times.

Worldwide standard shipping is provided through, which offers a range of convenient delivery solutions. Parcels sent within Australia are shipped via Registered Post, which features a unique registration number and requires a signature on delivery. Parcels sent outside Australia are shipped via standard insured Air Mail, which is not traceable but features a unique registration number and requires a signature on delivery. We can also ship globally through FedEx upon request, however this will incur an extra cost that will vary dependent on your location. Please note: Black Star Opal is not liable for any extra duties or taxes your country may charge on an imported item.

If you have any queries about our silver opal ring delivery service or policy, please get in touch with our friendly team - we are here to help and love assisting with any questions you may have.