Our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

With 2021 quickly wrapping up, it's time to put some colour, sparkle and polish into your Christmas gifting this year with our Top 3 opal, gemstone and crystal jewellery suggestions.


There is nothing more satisfying than looking down at your hand and seeing a brilliant flash of vivid colour and fire with every wriggle of your finger! Our beautiful gold and silver opal rings come in a wide range of designs and styles, and feature quality natural Australian opals including black opals, crystal opals and white opals.

We also offer doublet and triplet opal rings, affordable alternatives to black opals, which are highly prized due to their rarity, being mined in only one location - Lightning Ridge in outback New South Wales, Australia. Opal rings are suitable for everyday wear or special occasions, and make the perfect gift for someone who is looking for that unique Christmas present that even Mrs Claus would be happy to receive.


Striped raspberry pink and white Rhodochrosite, rich blue-green Turquoise, vivid purple Charoite, and desert orange Carnelian are just some of the gemstones and crystals featuring in our collection of statement silver drop earrings. These colourful ear adornments provide a pop of colour to your everyday wear or are ideal to add a splash of eye-catching colour to your festive Christmas or New Year outfit. 


Why wear one ring when two, three, four or more will do? With our collection of silver stackable gemstone and crystal rings, the choice is endless. These rings are ultra fashionable, look great on their own or fit together perfectly to create more colour combinations that you can count. Why not try a pretty blue apatite and purple amethyst combo, a golden yellow citrine and pretty blue larimar combo, or a pink morganite and olive green peridot combo? You decide!