What types of opal jewelry can you buy?

Opal jewelry is our passion at Black Star Opal, and we are always excited when we source a new handcrafted gold or sterling silver piece for our customers - be it opal earrings, an opal ring, an opal pendant or an opal bracelet. Natural Australian opal is the ideal gemstone to set into jewelry as it looks fabulous in platinum, yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver or gold plated silver settings.

The variety of dazzling colours and patterns found in gem quality opal means it suits a wide range of jewellery styles - from classic and contemporary through to decorative and intricate. This is one of the main reasons the 'Queen of Gems' continues to grow in popularity with jewellery designers and customers around the world. 

Opal earringsGold opal earrings

One of our favourite types of Australian opal jewellery are opal earrings. Opal is such a stunningly beautiful gemstone that it complements the face and brings a welcome touch of colour and brilliance to your best features, as well as highlights  your hairstyle and makeup. These earrings make the ideal gift as one size fits all - although in our opinion the bigger the better! 

Some of the most popular styles of gold and silver opal earrings include opal studs in classic round or oval shaped settings, drop earrings with uniquely shaped opals, halos of white diamonds around the opal gemstone, and unique, decorative settings that showcase the beautiful colour and patterns of the gemstone.

All types of opal gemstones feature in these earrings - solid black opals, crystal opals, light opals and boulder opals; as well as doublet opals and triplet opals. Doublets and triplets can be a more affordable option for earrings, however solid stones are worth every dollar for their unique and rare qualities. You'll be confident knowing your earrings are one of a kind and unlike any others in the world! 

When wearing opal earrings, don't forget to remove them before having a shower to keep them in a pristine condition. You can read more about how to care for your opals and opal jewelry in our handy guide here

Opal Rings

White gold opal ring

Gold opal rings and silver opal rings are among the most popular types of jewelry we sell online to customers around the world, as well as from our retail shop The Opal Centre in Coffs Harbour. Opal rings are really the ideal jewellery to wear for any occasion. They can be worn as an everyday piece, as an engagement ring or as an eye-catching, colourful 'bling' statement jewellery piece, even surrounded by diamonds for extra sparkle special occasions - whatever your heart desires! 

Opals have an amazing power of captivation and although they come in many different patterns and colours, they all have one thing in common - the ability to show off their natural beauty no matter what form they take. However in our mind, opal rings are one of the best ways to showcase these beautiful stones, right at your fingertips.

Our collection of opal rings feature a wide range of ethically sourced, natural Australian gems including black opals sourced from Lightning Ridge, crystal opals and light opals which are mined in South Australian, and boulder opals from Queensland. As with earrings, doublets and triplets are popular types of opals to set into gold or silver rings. 

Opal Pendants

 Gold opal pendant

Our extensive collection of gorgeous Australian opal pendants in gold and silver feature all types of these stunning gemstones in incredibly brilliant and fiery patterns and a variety of beautiful hues. All pendants purchased at Black Star Opal come with a complimentary gold or silver display chain.

Opal necklaces are one of the most eye-catching and popular jewelry styles in our online collection, with the most viewed designs ranging from classic and elegant bezel set gold pendants, gold and silver pendants with intricate and decorative settings, and unique and stylish pendants that feature diamonds and opals in unique shapes.

Opal necklace are ideal pieces of jewelry to showcase the beautiful colours and patterns of ethically sourced, natural Australian opals. And they suit any type of event or occasion - or just wear your necklace every day and feel special and unique year round!

To see our full range of opal jewellery please visit our online collection