Opal: This Season's Hottest Rock

Jewellery designers around the world have been enchanted by the allure and versatility of Australian opal for decades, with the gem having featured in some of the most eye-catching and luxurious jewellery pieces created.

From coastal hues to swirling spectrums of bold colour that shimmer and shift in the light, opal’s natural beauty makes it one of the most sought after stones this season.

Parisians are especially attracted to opal’s inner fire and mystery – jewellery designers at Cartier recently crafted a platinum bracelet featuring a 57.95 carat Australian opal which is so spectacular it even has its own name, ‘Opal Austral’ (and possibly its own postcode at that size!).


And Louis Vuitton jewellery designer Lorenz Bäumer is also a fan, with the centerpiece of the fashion house’s latest high jewellery collection, Acte V, featuring an 87.92 carat Lightning Ridge black opal.

Each opal unearthed in Australia is precious and unique, no matter what the size. Black Star Opal offers a complete range of stylish, contemporary opal jewellery and solid opal gemstones for all tastes and budgets.

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Opal is one of the hottest rocks around at the moment and a perfect gift to  bestow on a loved one on a special or everyday occasion or just treat yourself. You deserve it.