'Flora II' Silver Crystal Opal Pendant

$150 AUD


'Flora II' is a beautiful sterling silver flower design opal necklace pendant claw set with seven vibrant multi-coloured, teardrop-shaped South Australian solid crystal opals and a sparkling cubic zirconia. This pendant comes with a complimentary silver plated chain.

Opal size: 7 opals - 5mm x 3mm
Opal shape: Teardrop
Opal type: Solid crystal opals
Opal colour: Multi-colour
Opal origin: Coober Pedy
Metal: Sterling silver
SKU: SOP065 

Please note: As we have multiples of this product in stock, colours and patterns may vary.

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Solid crystal opals feature a translucent or transparent, light body tone with flashes of bright colour. Crystal opal resembles rock crystal or glass - hold this stone up to the light and you can observe some light passing through this beautiful opal gemstone. Some dark and black opal can exhibit translucency too, and this is called black crystal opal. Read more about Australian opals.

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