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Australian opals are captivating natural gemstones that are found in only a few locations in outback Australia. They come in many beautiful vibrant colours - from dark purples and ocean blues to vivid greens, bright oranges and brilliant red tones. Opal has fast become one of the most popular gemstones on Earth, and features in more and more high end, luxury designer jewellery on the catwalks and red carpets each year. The beauty of these stones doesn't stop at their colour, however - they're also known for being very unique through their individual patterns and are highly prized by collectors worldwide. And what better way to celebrate this beautiful captivating gem than with a sterling silver opal ring.

Black Star Opal has one of the most extensive ranges of fine quality sterling silver opal rings available online. Our collection of silver opal rings feature white opals, crystal opals, doublet opals and triplet opals. Some designs are traditional and classic, while others are more contemporary, even featuring sparkling cubic zirconias or clear crystals. We offer a wide range to choose from to suit any taste or budget! Black Star Opal is the one-stop shop for all your silver opal ring needs, we offer an unparalleled buying experience.

The Timeless Beauty of Silver Opal Rings

Find silver opal rings that will last a lifetime and enjoy the timeless beauty of this unique gemstone. If you're looking for an opal ring in silver to make a statement, you're in the right place. Silver opal rings offer timeless beauty and are the perfect way to show someone your love and affection. Browse our wide selection of designs to find the perfect statement piece that will last a lifetime. 

Finding the perfect silver opal ring can be a bit overwhelming. From statement rings with a large centre stone to subtle rings with small stones, there are so many options to choose from. Take your time browsing through designs until you find the perfect piece that reflects your style and personality. If you need help, our experienced team is here to assist you in finding the perfect silver opal ring design.

When choosing the perfect silver opal ring, consider the setting. A bezel setting can help protect the stone from chipping and will make the gem appear larger than if set in a prong. Different halo settings add an interesting twist to the design, drawing attention to the centre stone. You may also want to consider a split shank, which helps give extra shine and sparkle to your ring. Finally, take into consideration how you want your opal to look—deep blue or a subtle pink? Multi-coloured or a single hue? Once you’ve decided on a design and found your perfect stone, you are sure to have a beautiful opal ring that will make heads turn!

Silver is an excellent base for an opal ring since it allows the gem to stand out and be truly appreciated. Silver is also a very affordable metal that can bring out any color of opal—from blues, greens and purples  to rosy pinks and stunning yellow. As numerous designs and styles are available for silver opal rings, take your time choosing the best one for you. 

When you’re searching for an opal ring in silver, you want to ensure the best quality and pick out a style that fits your individual personality. Ensure that its set in a strong setting that will protect it from any bumps or scratches, especially since opal is a more delicate gemstone. When you buy an opal ring in silver online, make sure that it’s from a trusted jewellery website that can answer all of your questions about the stone's quality. With these tips you are sure to find the perfect silver opal ring for any occasion.


Black Star Opal is a specialty online jewellery and gemstone boutique that offers some of the finest silver opal rings available on the market today. If you're searching for a specific type of opal stone, we have a wide variety of colours and cuts from which you can choose. We also offer custom pieces if you would like something unique or special made just for your needs. Our expert opal team is always happy to help customers find exactly what they need in terms of jewelry or opal gemstones, no matter how big or small the order.

Quality ethically sourced, natural Australian opal gemstones and opal jewellery at reasonable prices is what we pride ourselves on. We have been a member of the Australian opal industry since 1969, originally as opal miners and global exporters of Lightning Ridge opal. As an established and reputable wholesale and retail opal gemstone business, we are directly connected to an extensive network of Australian opal miners in Lighting Ridge, Coober Pedy and the opal fields of Queensland. We also work closely with expert opal jewellery designers and manufacturers. This ensures our products are sourced directly from the miner, and our jewellery prices remain competitive and affordable for all budgets.

We stand by our silver opal rings with a 30-day money back guarantee. If your purchase is not quite what you were after, or you’d like to exchange for another item, we’re more than happy to help. We love seeing our customers happy and satisfied, and are pleased to assist with any questions you have about Australian opals or our opal, gemstone and crystal jewellery.


Black Star Opal offers a convenient worldwide delivery service to wherever you need to send silver opal rings. We take care of the cost of standard worldwide shipping for all orders over AUD $200 and provide free insurance for all orders over approximately AUD $600 to protect against theft, loss or damage during delivery. Express domestic and international shipping options are available for a small additional fee. 

Shipping is provided through Australia's national postal service, Australia Post, which offers a range of convenient delivery solutions. Parcels sent within Australia are shipped via Parcel Post or Express Post, which features a unique tracking number and may require a signature on delivery. Parcels sent outside Australia are shipped via International Standard or International Express Air Mail, which also features a unique tracking number and may require signature on delivery. We can also ship globally through FedEx upon request, however this will incur an extra cost that will vary depending on your location.

Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can enter your tracking number here to follow your order's progress to your door. Standard delivery to most countries is usually less than two weeks, while delivery within Australia is usually between two to four working days. Due to current global Covid-related shipping issues, Black Star Opal cannot guarantee the above delivery times. We recommend you check the Australia Post website for up to date shipping estimates before ordering. Approximate shipping timelines provided do not include additional time your package may be held by customs for clearance in your country. Please note: Black Star Opal is not liable for any extra duties or taxes your country may charge on an imported item. It is the responsibility of the customer to research and pay any additional charges in their country.

If you have any queries about our silver opal ring delivery service or shipping policy, please get in touch with our friendly team - we are here to help and love assisting with any questions you may have.