Everything You Need To Know About Real Opal Jewellery

As with most precious gemstones, real opal jewelry comes in many types and styles - from elegant black opal jewellery, an opal jewelry set that matches gorgeous opal earrings with an opal pendant, and an eye-catching opal ring at the tips of your fingers, to dazzling white opal jewellery, opal bracelets that adorn the wrist, and even delicate opal charms.

Here are some of the most popular types of real opal jewellery and range of styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

 Black opal earrings with multi-colour opal gemstones

Black Opal Jewelry

The rare and magnificent black opal from Lightning Ridge in outback New South Wales, Australia is one of the most popular types of opal gemstones high end jewellery designers opt for when selecting natural opal stones for their real black opal jewelry creations.

Black opal is one of the most precious types of opal gemstones found in the world. This type of opal is untreated and characterised by a dark body tone which ranges from a dark grey colour to ultra-black. Because of this dark body tone, the spectrum of brilliant colours found in a black opal are more vibrant than in lighter toned opals, and therefore make the black opal price the highest of all.

Lightning Ridge opal jewellery styles include round or oval black opal rings handcrafted in fine white or yellow gold, sometimes with a halo of sparkling white diamonds set around the central opal stone or along the ring band. Black opals can also be cut into a freeform shape to make the most of the gemstone’s size and carat weight for black opal jewelry Australia.

These beautiful, flowing shaped gemstones can be found in black opal rings, black opal pendants and black opal necklaces. Black opals are also ideal for opal earring jewelry as the vibrant colours stand out against all hair shades and complement the face.