Top Tips for Buying Opal Jewellery

With so many colours, patterns and price points, buying Australian opals and opal jewellery can sometimes be a little confusing. To help you find the perfect opal for you, we've come up with these great Top 3 Tips.

Be true to your heart

If you’re in love with the coastal tones of a gorgeous green and blue coloured semi-black opal, but your partner or best friend thinks the pretty pastel patterns in a crystal opal are more attractive, it’s best to go with your own instincts.

You are the one who has to be comfortable wearing the opal for many years to come and it should reflect your own individual taste and style.

Know your 'why' 

There are usually two reasons why someone will buy an opal – either to keep as an investment or to set into a piece of jewellery to wear.

There’s a lot more flexibility with an investment piece so you can really buy what you like, as long as it’s excellent quality, however purchasing an opal to set into jewellery requires a bit more planning.

Ideally meet with a reputable jeweller to discuss your options. Of course, if you come across a stone you absolutely cannot live without, have an open mind about what style of jewellery will suit the opal best.

Have a budget in mind but be flexible

Solid black opals from Lightning Ridge, especially those featuring a red colour and Harlequin pattern, are the most highly prized opals in the world and a collectors dream, but if cost is a factor in your purchase, being flexible can pay off.

Buying the most expensive opal is not necessary, nor affordable, for everyone, especially if the stone doesn’t suit your taste or style and you’re not looking to buy it solely as an investment piece.

If you can’t find a solid opal that’s within your price range, a composite stone like a doublet or triplet opal which offers the look of a black opal but at a lower cost may better suit your budget.