Discover Your Perfect Opal Ring

In our experience, opal rings are a timeless and luxurious accessory that can add a pop of bright colour and a touch of glamour to any outfit and style. Since ancient times, opals - known as The Queen Of Gems - have been prized for their mysterious patterns and mesmerising colour combinations. And we can't think of a better way to capture their stunning unique beauty than with an exquisite opal ring - its elegance and impact is truly unparalleled.

When it comes to these types of rings, one kind stands out from the rest - those set with natural Australian opal. Renowned for their superior quality, excellent 'play of colour', stability, value and the ethical mining practices involved with unearthing the stone, opals from Australia are a favourite of leading international jewellery designers and global consumers. They're really the best of the best!

Besides being our favourite gorgeous, eye-catching opal jewellery, opal rings come in a huge variety of shapes, types, styles, designs, settings and colours - you're only limited by your imagination! So whether you're after a statement piece with lots of colour, flash and bling, or you prefer to keep it simple with a classic style, the range on offer can be overwhelming, but also very exciting. And they don't have to cost the earth!

To help you decide which is the perfect opal ring for you, read on for our handy guide to these exquisite gemstones and popular ring jewellery designs.

Black Star Opal crystal opal ring

What types of opals are best for a ring?

When shopping for a ring, learning about the types of Australian opals can be very useful. The most common are solid white, crystal, black and boulder opals, however doublet and triplet opals are also very popular options as they resemble a Lightning Ridge black opal with bright and colourful patterns, but can be a more affordable option. Just remember to wear triplet opal rings as dress jewellery only as they should not be submerged in water for extended periods of time.

Solid white opals from Coober Pedy in South Australia are popular for gold and silver rings, as they are plentiful in supply and look stunning in both shiny yellow and silver toned jewellery settings. The beautiful play of colour in a white opal is what lures lovers of this gem to choosing it for their opal jewellery. These opals sparkle with pastel pink, blue, yellow and green hues in a milky, creamy body tone, and are seen as the most feminine of all opals. 

Crystal opals are also found in Coober Pedy as well as Mintabie, White Cliffs and Lightning Ridge. This type has a transparent or translucent body tone flashing with multiple bright, iridescent colours, especially neon green and blue. Crystal opals also come in a dark, black body tone, resembling a solid black opal but transparent. These stones are highly regarded for opal jewellery and are also popular for both gold and silver settings.

Queensland boulder opal has exploded with popularity over the past few years and are highly prized by lovers of opal and jewellers the world over. If you're looking for something truly unique, you can't go past a boulder opal ring. These unique gems ensure your ring will truly be one-of-a-kind, with a brilliant spectrum of colours contained in brown-red ironstone. 

And finally, black opal, the rarest and most valuable form of Australia's National Gemstone you can buy. With a black or dark grey body tone, this magnificent Lightning Ridge opal shimmers with vivid reds, blues, greens and more. These types of gems are highly coveted in high quality jewellery, and black opal rings are one of the most popular types of jewellery made from this captivating gemstone. 

What is the best opal shape for a ring?

From classic oval and round stones to modern inlay bands set with angular pieces of gemstone, opal rings make for beautiful jewellery products that are as unique as you. Precious Australian opals are not faceted but typically come in traditional shapes that feature a cabochon cut. This means they are highly polished into a curved dome, which can be cut low, medium or high. A cabochon provides a jeweller with a setting edge on the side of the stone, and also sallow its play of colour to deepen and shine. 

In addition to ovals and rounds, you’ll also find pear, marquise and heart shaped opals. Marquise-shaped stones are often smaller in size and used as accent stones rather than the main feature stone, as are pear-shaped opals. However, both offer graceful curves, a beautiful sparkle and look great when paired with other gemstones depending on the desired aesthetic. 

Recently, freeform shaped opals have become very popular and a favourite for higher end jewellery designs. Freeform stones flow and undulate in organic shapes instead of the perfect symmetry found in a standard cut. Freeform shapes and are largely created from Queensland boulder opal and Lightning Ridge black opal.

Shaping the stone in this way allows the cutter to remove inclusions while following internal colour bars and maximising its carat weight. Freeform shapes add an extra layer of uniqueness to an opal ring and can showcase its natural beauty in magnificent ways. Whatever shape you choose when buying and opal ring, it’s sure to leave you in awe of its stunning beauty!

 Black Star Opal gold black opal ring

What colour opal is best for my ring?

When it comes to deciding which colour opal you'd love for your ring, it's entirely up to your personal taste and style. Luckily Australian opal comes in a variety of different colours and patterns - from deep blues and fiery reds to electric purples, greens, oranges, pinks and yellows - so you can always find the colour for you.

An opal ring is the ideal jewellery piece to showcase this gemstone’s spectacular play of colour, as a single, pattern rich stone can stand out on its own or multiple stones set into a single ring can pop with a complete rainbow of colour.

Some of the most popular colours are blue opals, which look spectacular in both yellow and white gold settings; soft pastel pinks, blues and greens which are found in white opal rings; and vivid reds and greens of an Australian black opal. The rarest colour is red while the most common opal colour is blue.

Colourful silver triplet opal ring with six sparkling crystals

Design's on you!

Finding the perfect opal ring to suit your individual style and express your unique personality is a breeze with so many beautiful designs on offer. From sophisticated minimalist settings complemented by a classic round or oval stone, to more elaborate designs featuring multiple stones or even accent diamonds or other coloured gemstones, there’s truly something for everyone.

The most popular ring metals are 9ct, 14ct and 18ct yellow and white gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver. Generally, opal rings that are more affordable feature silver or gold plated silver, while higher end opal jewelry is made of yellow or white gold. And sometimes even platinum!

Popular opal ring designs include elegant solitaires with a single beautiful stone set into a shiny band. These rings sometimes feature sparkling shoulder or channel set diamonds, or even other coloured gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or garnets to complement the opal’s colour. Solitaire rings can have simple ring bands or bands with more intricate designs or crossover styles, and be bezel or claw set. Bezel setting an opal can offer the gemstone more protection than a claw setting.

If you're after more va-va-voom, try a vintage-inspired setting with a cluster of opals and diamonds. These rings can feature art-deco designs and be sizeable to really draw attention to the stone. Other options are tri-stone combinations, which feature a central Australian opal with smaller stones on either side; a large spectacular opal surrounded by a halo of diamonds or crystals; or a heart shaped stone in a contemporary setting. 

Opal Rings For All Occasions

Be it a birthday, anniversary or marriage proposal, we believe opal rings are the ideal choice for any special occasion or celebration. Opal engagement rings are the hottest gemstone ring to say ‘I do’ to - especially when designed or selected with your partner’s individual personality in mind. Opals symbolise luck, purity and hope - characteristics we all desire when making the decision to spend forever with our loved one. They are also a symbol of love, which means an engagement ring made from this gemstone is extra special and meaningful - and sure to win over your loved one’s heart!

Lightning Ridge black opal ring

Black Star Opal's Exclusive Ring Collection

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a special gift or a stylish addition to your personal jewellery collection, Australian opal rings will never fail to impress. At Black Star Opal, we have jewellery for all occasions, styles and budgets - from magnificent high quality 18ct gold black opal rings with sparkling diamonds, to shiny sterling silver dress rings featuring colourful doublets and triplets.

So if you’re looking for the perfect accessory to add a touch of class, glamour and uniqueness to any ensemble, look no further than an opal ring, whether it’s for yourself or someone special in your life. Explore Black Star Opal's exclusive opal jewellery collections from the comfort of home - we can’t wait to help you on your opal journey!

We hope this article has been helpful in introducing you to the world of opal rings. If you have any questions about our opal ring range, feel free to contact us at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!