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Black Star Opal is one of the most trusted sources online for genuine South Australian opals. South Australia is a land of wonder and beauty, famous for its underground living and opal mines, which produce the majority of the world's precious white opal and crystal opal. The main location for mining opal in South Australia is the outback town of Coober Pedy.

Miners from Coober Pedy export their precious opals all over Australia, and the world. South Australia opal looks stunning in a variety of settings including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. At Black Star Opal, we offer a wide range of South Australian opal products, all set in high quality sterling silver and white and yellow gold. We also offer unset South Australian solid white and crystal opals for those who would like to add to their personal collection or custom make their own piece of jewellery.

Unveiling the Mystique of South Australian Opal Rings

Are you captivated by the iridescent beauty of opal rings? Look no further than opal rings from South Australia as we delve into the allure and mystique of these magnificent pieces of jewelry. Whether you're a seasoned opal enthusiast or a curious first-time buyer, this guide will help you navigate the exquisite world of opals and find the perfect white or crystal opal ring.

Opals are known for their beautiful play of colours, displaying a mesmerising range from fiery reds to celestial blues. They are unique gemstones that exude a sense of timeless elegance, sophistication and mystery. Choosing the right opal ring can be a daunting task - especially when buying online - and various factors need to be considered, including colour, brightness, body tone, clarity, cut and carat weight.

In this guide, we will delve into the intriguing history of opal rings from South Australia, exploring white and crystal opals, and provide expert tips on how to choose the perfect one for you. 

Types of Opals

Opals come in a dazzling array of types, each with its own unique characteristics and charm. Understanding the different types of solid opals is essential when choosing the perfect opal ring. And here they are!:

1. White Opals: Known for their light body colour, which ranges from translucent to a solid milky white, white opals display flashes of bright pastel colours, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a more subtle and delicate look.

2. Black Opals: Regarded as the most rare and valuable type of opals, black opals feature a body tone ranging from midnight black to very dark grey. This dark tone enhances the stone's play of colour and creates a striking contrast of brilliant patterns and tones. Black opal rings are highly sought after, and often considered as investment pieces.

3. Boulder Opals: Boulder opals are unique as they form in ironstone matrix. These opals often have a natural backing of the host rock, which adds depth and character to the gemstone. Boulder opal rings are prized for their natural and earthy appeal.

4. Crystal Opals: Crystal opals are characterized by their transparent or semi-transparent body, allowing light to pass through the stone and enhance the play of colors. These opals often exhibit vibrant and vivid color patterns, making them a popular choice for statement opal rings.

5. Fire Opals: Fire opals are known for their warm and fiery orange color, which resembles the vibrant hues of a flickering flame. These opals are highly prized for their intense color and are often used as center stones in opal rings.

When choosing an opal ring, consider the type of opal that resonates with your personal style and preferences. Each type has its own unique beauty, and selecting the right one will ensure that your opal ring truly captivates and enchants.


Black Star Opal is the world's leading online opal gemstone and opal jewellery boutique offering some of the finest South Australian opal available today. If you're searching for a specific type of opal stone, we have a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. We also offer custom pieces if you would like something unique or special made just for your needs. Our expert opal team is always happy to help customers find exactly what they need, no matter how big or small the order.

A multi-generational family business, we have been a member of the Australian opal industry since 1969, originally as opal miners and global exporters of Lightning Ridge opal. Today, we operate a bricks and mortar retail business The Opal Centre, located at the Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, in addition to our online store Black Star Opal. We are directly connected to an extensive network of Australian opal miners in Lighting Ridge, Coober Pedy and the opal fields of Queensland, and also work closely with expert opal jewellery designers and manufacturers. This ensures our products are sourced directly from the miner, and our jewellery prices remain competitive and affordable.

We stand by our collections of opals from South Australia that feature top quality, natural Australian opal with a 30-day money back guarantee. If your purchase is not quite what you were after, or you’d like to exchange for another item, we’re more than happy to help. We love seeing our customers happy and satisfied, and are pleased to assist with any questions you may have.


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