2023 Best Opal Jewellery Trends

Australian opal is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all gems on earth. Captivating jewellery lovers for thousands of years, opal's popularity in modern jewellery design - from high-end statement pieces to everyday wear - is unparalleled. Known as the Queen of Gems, opal has special qualities no other gemstone can match - from a kaleidoscope of vivid colour that shimmers and changes with the light (known as play of colour) to magnificent unique patterns and a rarity that makes it one of the most valuable and sought after stones on earth.

So how what's in store for opal this year? With 2023 now upon us, let’s take a look at our guide to the top opal jewelry trends and explore which one is right for you.

Statement Opal Jewellery

In 2023, opal jewellery will continue to be a hit among customers looking for dazzling accessories that make a statement. Bold designs featuring large opals set against intricate fine metalwork are high on the list of 'must haves' this year, and we love the big, bright statement pieces our opal jewellers are creating for Black Star Opal's limited edition collections. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching ring or pendant you will never take off, or something special for a formal occasion, you can find what you're looking for in statement opal jewelry. 

A stunning black solid opal in green and blue colours set into an 18ct gold ring with diamonds and green gemstones

Colourful Gemstone Combinations 

Opals come in a spectrum of beautiful colours, so why not mix and match with other colourful gemstones for a gorgeous look this year? In 2023, jewellery designers are pairing opals with various vivid hues and patterns with complementary stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires to create beautiful, unique pieces that truly stand out. Or why not combine different opal shapes and colours together to create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your own personal style?  

Blue Opal Jewellery

Blue opals showcase a wide range of beautiful tones, from vivid sky hues and beautiful marine shades to deep midnight blues and beyond. This year we expect Blue opal jewellery will be on everyone's fingertips, necks, earlobes and wrists as it skyrockets to become the most popular colour for 2023 - we just love it! Blue opal is fascinating and appeals to nearly everyone's tastes and style. It looks stunning set in either white or yellow gold as well as sterling silver and gold plated silver. Blue opal jewellery is perfect for any outfit or occasion, and often features accent crystals or diamonds to really bring out the sparkle of the gemstone. 

Ethically Sourced Opals 

One of our favourite trends that will be especially popular in 2023 is ethically sourced gemstones, in particular Australian opal. Sustainable, ethically sourced stones are an important factor for high end jewellery houses and also our valued customers who want to ensure the best possible, least harmful mining practices are in place for the gemstones they buy. Instead of big corporations running mine sites, Australian opals are unearthed by small teams of opal miners - sometimes family groups, friends or generational miners - in safe, healthy and ethical settings. Rest assured, Australian opal is one of the most trusted gemstones in the world.

Best opal jewellery trends infographic

Opal Necklace & Opal Pendant Trends

Opal necklaces have long been a favourite and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. Whether you choose for a simple and elegant bezel set opal pendant in gold or silver, or a more ornate, antique-style opal pendant with fine gold work and sparkling diamonds, you can never go wrong with an opal necklace. Many designers are now incorporating other colourful jewels like emeralds, tourmaline and sapphires into their designs to create amazing statement necklaces that will ensure all eyes are in you everywhere you go.

Ornate blue opal gold pendant

Opal Earrings Trends

Nothing says elegance quite like a pair of beautiful natural opal earrings. There’s something about the way the light catches these multi-coloured gemstones on your earlobes that makes them mesmerising! Opal drop earrings in white gold or silver are hot this year, especially with affordable and colourful doublet opals and accent stones. Stud earrings set with magnificent black opal are also hugely popular, with quality and uniqueness of the gemstone a top priority for many shoppers. 

Opal Ring Trends

Opals rings make wonderful statement pieces and are a good option if you're looking for something a little different from traditional diamond or coloured stone rings - especially if you’re planning to propose. This year, natural Australian opals set in white gold are on the 'must have' list - especially those with vintage styles and accent diamonds. Another hot take for these rings are a gold band set with three or more quality opals in a row, or try a stunning freeform shaped boulder opal that flows and undulates with gorgeous, vivid colour. 

Freeform blue doublet opal earrings set in sterling silver

2023: The Year of Australian Opal

There's just so much to love about opal, and that's why it's the the hottest gemstone this year for opal jewellers and customers alike. Colourful, beautiful, vibrant, unique, rare and valuable - Australian opal has it all! With statement rings and pendants, multi-gemstone designer pieces and stunning blue opal jewellery at the top of the list, there's no better time to explore opal and be ahead of the trends.

If statement jewellery isn't your cup of tea, you can still stick with more classic or contemporary elegant styles - they will never go out of fashion and continue to impress year after year. Whatever your taste, Australian opals make stunning additions to any wardrobe or collection, and opal jewellery will become your favourite go-to fashion accessory in 2023. It's popularity soars higher every year! If you need help getting started on your 2023 trend discovery journey, why not explore out collection of Australian opal jewellery today?